Transitus Year Overview Transitus Year

One of the important benefits of our Hamilton College Family comprising children and young people from ages 2-18 and having everyone located on a single campus, is that we are able to offer smooth transitions through Nursery, Junior and Senior School.

To aid the transition from Junior School to Senior School we offer a Transitus year as the first stage of your child’s journey into Senior School, which is designed to ensure that each learner is fully prepared for the changes that lie ahead. The Transitus year is ideal preparation for learners moving into Senior School, which benefits learners by;

· Helping them acclimatise to the different environment

· Building on the already well-established foundations in Numeracy and Literacy for future success

· Enriching their educational experience through access to additional Wider Curricular Activities and new practical skills classes

· Enabling learners to cope better with the move to a timetable more like a traditional Senior School, whilst still having the support of a dedicated ‘Base’ teacher

· Enhancing their understanding of Health and Wellbeing through new ‘Lifeskills’ lessons

· Strengthening relationships with peers

· Being as ready as possible to tackle the demands of SQA certificate courses in Senior School.

We are delighted to share the Transitus year programme with you, which will begin for learners each August. We trust you will agree that the Transitus year is the ideal springboard for learners moving into the next phase of their school journey. It will enhance the support, guidance and expertise on offer, to fully develop the rich array of talents we see in our young people and equip them for success as they continue their educational journey and towards their chosen path after they leave school.

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