Transitus Base Teacher Information Transitus Year

Literacy - 

  • Term 1 Novel study, introduction to textual analysis. Writing and presenting a persuasive talk.
  • Term 2 Newspaper articles. Developing skills of skimming, scanning, and summarising. Taking notes. Writing a report.
  • Term 3 Theme of holidays. Writing blurbs. Poetry, textual analysis skills.

Numeracy - 
The opportunity is given to use maths in an everyday context; for example, measuring furniture to fit a space, converting currencies and reading flight paths and directions of planes.

  • Term 1 Number and number processes. Ordering numbers. Multiplying and dividing decimal fractions by 10, 100 and 1000. BODMAS. Estimation and rounding.
  • Term 2 Angles measuring and calculating missing angles. Multiples, factors and prime numbers, powers, and roots. Measurement including perimeter and area.
  • Term 3 Common multiples and common factors. 2D shape properties. The circle. Patterns, explain and use a rule to extend well known number sequences. Revision and reinforcement of all topics to date.

Topic/ IDL skills - 
This is very much lead by the learners, both the topics to study and the way in which they would like to present their learning.

  • Term 1 History based. Looking at how we used to live. Topics can include Britain during the Second World War, fashion through the decades and the sixties.
  • Term 2 Keeping safe. Topics can include drug education, bullying, online safety helping stay mind and body fit.
  • Term 3 Geography based. Topics can include an island, study of a country, living things.