Junior Overview Junior School

The journey at Hamilton College continues into Junior School - a vibrant learning hub, dedicated to recognising, building on and celebrating the individual’s strengths and talents.

The Junior School team has your child’s wellbeing and academic success at the heart of all they do.

We encourage all pupils to learn actively, to ask questions, discover answers and share their learning articulately. Our pupils grow in confidence and enthusiasm as they progress, taking responsibility for their own learning.

We believe the Primary years of a child’s school life to be integral in their educational journey.

A strong foundation in the mastery of concepts and skills in Literacy and Numeracy, alongside developing creativity and critical thinking skills, is our priority.

Whilst focusing on skill development we also encourage our pupils to accept challenges and take risks. Pupils learn why taking risks is important, and understand that through challenges and making mistakes, deep learning takes place.

Pupil voice is integral to who we are and what we stand for at Hamilton College. Pupils have the opportunity to be an elected class representative on the Pupil Council, Curriculum Committee, Eco Committee and Enterprise Committee. Each committee meets once a month across the school year.

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