Transitus Subject Specialist Information Transitus Year

In the Transitus year, learners will spend a significant portion of their timetabled week with subject specialists from the Senior School, helping learners to prepare for the move into S1. This provision also widens access to a broader range of curricular subjects, again enhancing the transition of our learners and developing subject specific skills early in their journey.


Term 1Making Connections and Research Project
Term 2Fairy Tales and Non-Fiction Texts
Term 3Reading Skills


Expressive Arts & RME


Term 1Visual Elements, Academic Drawing vs Expressive Drawing and Watercolour Water Birds
Term 2Principles of Design and Beast Quest Book Cover Design
Term 3Paper Jewellery and Watercolour Landscapes


Term 1Musicals, Music and Dance & Festive Music
Term 2Scottish Orchestral Music, The Music Industry and Music Technology Project
Term 3Audio Music Technology Project and World Music

Religious & Moral Education

Term 1Miracle Marker
Term 2Disciples
Term 3Rites of Passage


Innov8 (Business and Technologies)

Admin & IT, Business, Computing and Engineering

Term 1Marketing and Coding with Scratch
Term 2Break-Even Analysis and Engineering: Making a Catapult
Term 3Spreadsheets


Term 1Negative Numbers, Coordinates and Fractions
Term 2Decimals and Algebra
Term 3Percentages, Fractions to Percentages and Ratio


Modern Languages

French, German and Spanish

Term 1My Town and Where I Live, Festivals and Traditions
Term 2Favourite Food and Dishes, Recipes and Grammar Rules
Term 3Shopping and Money



Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Term 1Introduction to Science
Term 2Sound/Bodyworks
Term 3Sound/Bodyworks and Crest Awards


Social Subjects

Geography, History and Modern Studies

Term 1History Detectives, Archaeology and Local Study
Term 2Australia
Term 3Antarctica


Health and Wellbeing

Physical Education

Transitus learners will receive 2 periods of Physical Education and 2 periods of Sport per week.
Within the Department, we aim to support and challenge each pupil to develop a lifelong love of physical activity through a strategic curriculum, varied co-curricular programme and excellent teaching and learning.

During Physical Education lessons, pupils will experience breadth, challenge, and progression in a range of activities including; invasion games, net & wall games, cross-country, social dance, gymnastics, swimming, field games and tennis. Through participation in these activities, pupils should develop their performance skills and knowledge and understanding of how physical, mental, social, and emotional factors have an impact upon their physical activity. These lessons will also provide an insight into National Qualifications.

At the start of the Autumn and Spring Terms learners will be asked to select from either; basketball, boys' and girls' football, netball, or swimming. In the Summer term, learners will be asked to choose from either tennis or athletics. The Sport lessons will provide a context for pupils to transfer their learning from Physical Education and an opportunity to further refine their technical skills and tactical understanding of their chosen activity.

In addition to the timetabled Physical Education and Sport, learners can participate in a range of co-curricular activities. These will not only provide a further opportunity for young people to be physically active but will help prepare them to represent Hamilton College in sporting fixtures against other schools.



LifeSkills is an important part of a child’s education, it is vital that we ensure that our learners are equipped with the knowledge that they will need to be successful in their everyday lives.

Topics we cover are in line with RSHP and issues that are raised within society. All lessons and resources are age appropriate. Through LifeSkills we not only upskill their knowledge and understanding of different topics, but learners develop confidence and resilience to make positive life choices to contribute positively to society.
In Transitus the topics covered are -

Term 1
  • Self-management
  • Relationships & friendship
  • Resilience
  • Anger
  • Respect
  • Diversity, Discrimination & Stereotypes
  • Self-esteem & Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
Term 2
  • Consent
  • Social media & internet safety
  • Puberty
  • How human life begins
  • Life choices (drugs/alcohol/smoking/vaping)
Term 3
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Senior school transition support
  • Goal setting