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Isabella - J2

Isabella (J2)

  • Attended the Hamilton College Nursery
  • Enjoyed the J1 Transition events
  • Graduated from Hamilton College Nursery
  • Join various Wider Curricular Clubs in J1
  • Part of the Nursery – J3 Nativity performance
  • Joined the Pupil Council


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Katie (J6)

  • Takes part in the Mini Duke
  • Joined the Eco Committee
  • Senior School Teachers teach her specialist subject
  • Learns about STEM in the Maker Space
  • Started learning a musical instrument
  • Entered the Burns Poetry Competition.

Katie - J6

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Nyah - J7

Nyah (J7)

  • Loves the intergenerational partnership with Abbeydale Care Home
  • Competes in cross-schools athletics competitions
  • Attended four day residential educational visit
  • Organises fundraisers for our ‘Sponsor a child’ campaign
  • Is a Buddy to a Nursery child
  • Enjoys the Senior School Transition events

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Micah (S2)

  • Joined Hamilton College in S1 following 2 day transition event
  • Signed up for lunchtime wider curricular clubs
  • Has lunch with S6 buddy
  • Attended 4 day residential trip to deepend friendships, develop teamwork and explore Christian Faith.
  • First in Chemistry, Biology and PE  in the S1 year group – awarded prize at Prizegiving
Micha - S2

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Angus - S3

Angus (S3)

  • Joined Hamilton College in Nursery
  • Developed skills for life and learning through LifeSkills
  • Part of the Student Council
  • Won Player of the Year in Rugby & Football at the Sports Awards
  • Participated in the week long Sports Tour in Holland
  • With encouragement from English Teacher, his story was published in a book

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Beth (S4)

  • Won Hockey Player of the Year at the Sports Awards
  • Attended Parliament to learn about Scottish Government
  • Participant in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards
  • Finalists in Young Musician of the Year
  • One of the main cast of the School Show Hairspray
  • Seeks out opportunities for acts of kindness
Beth - S4

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Brodie - S6

Brodie (S6)

  • Joined in Junior School
  • Supports the School at Open Days
  • Changes in his timetable when competing in Cross Country during school hours
  • Attended various career talks before applying for University
  • Now Deputy Head Boy working with Senior School pupils

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