Grace and Knowledge About Us

Our school badge is inspired by the scripture ‘to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’.

This verse is from 2 Peter 3:18.

In addition to the words ‘Grace and Knowledge’ our badge features three other elements:

The Bird

A sketch of the bird from our school logoBased on a sparrow, the bird illustrates two passages in the Bible which relate to the idea of God’s Grace.  From all the birds of Palestine that Jesus could have used to emphasise God’s common Grace He chose the lowly sparrow over the lark, eagle or dove.

This symbol is fitting for Grace because Jesus said “you are of more value than many sparrows.”

We want our pupils to think about this, especially when they experience times of difficulty; that they can be anchored in and have confidence in God’s love.

The bird also symbolises freedom – the freedom to be yourself.

Two Circles

The bird and two circles from our logoIn 2 Peter 3:18, we are commanded to “grow in Knowledge” as well as Grace.  The scripture verse significantly places Grace first as without Grace, Knowledge can so easily lead to pride or despair.  

Only God has complete Knowledge because He is All-Knowing. Divine Knowledge is eternal because it reflects His character and this is what the large circle means.  

Human Knowledge is finite and must correspond to God’s Knowledge of Himself and the world. We are to “think God’s thoughts after Him” and that is what the small circle represents.

The Cross

The bird, circles and cross from our logoThe Creator who watches over the life and death of the lowly sparrows was also at Golgotha when Jesus cried out “Father forgive them…” The cross is therefore, the central image of God’s saving Grace because it is where the incarnate Son takes our condemnation upon Himself so that we can find a full pardon for our sins through His atonement. It offers and achieves eternal life for all who believe.

The cross weaves through the other symbols in our badge as a reminder that, while we welcome families of all faiths and none, at Hamilton College, the Christian faith underpins all that we do.


Written by Mr Alan Wilson, Former Head of Art who designed our school badge.



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