Junior Curriculum Junior School

Recognition of each child or young person as an individual with unique talents begins in our Nursery. This recognition continues as pupils transition into Junior then Senior School on their own personalised educational journey.

We follow Curriculum for Excellence throughout our Junior School and into Senior School. Curriculum for Excellence is divided into 4 levels. In our Nursery and Junior School these levels are:

  • Early Level: Preschool – J1
  • First level: J2 – J4
  • Second level: J5 - J7

The Curriculum for Excellence provides national guidance on expectations of learning and progression; this has been published in a framework of experiences and outcomes which define five levels of learning. The first three levels are most relevant for Junior School pupils and are described in the experiences and outcomes.

It is important to remember that this is a general guide. Learners will progress at their own pace through the curriculum levels and the curriculum is designed to allow staff the flexibility to plan according to the needs of each child.

For those who are ready, we challenge our pupils by working towards the completing of First Level by the end of J3. This then allows pupils to continue their individual progression by working on Third Level when they are in J7, being a suitable preparation for S1.

We believe the Primary years of a child’s school life to be integral in their educational journey. A strong foundation in the mastery of concepts and skills in Literacy and Maths, alongside developing creativity and critical thinking skills, is our priority at Hamilton College Junior School.

Whilst focusing on skill development we also encourage our pupils to take risks.  Pupils learn why taking risks is important and understand and accept the fact that we all make mistakes and that is through mistakes, challenges and trials that we truly learn.

Teachers conduct formal learning conversations with each pupil, setting targets together. This occurs each term, or as and when targets are met and new ones made. Pupils are reminded of their targets throughout the term and are communicated to parents.

We publish termly Curriculum Overviews for each curricular area. Parents have access to the Curriculum Overviews via our online Office 365 platform.

Hamilton College Junior School are committed to providing the best possible education for your child, one that focuses on the individual, encouraging, challenging and partnering with them to achieve and explore the world equipped with a dynamic 21st century skillset.

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