Senior Overview Senior School

As your child’s journey progresses into the Senior School, the lessons are designed to be engaging, dynamic and challenging – promoting critical thinking skills through collaborative and independent learning.

Our young people are encouraged to develop enterprising, problem-solving and team-working aptitudes. There is an emphasis on traditional academic disciplines, such as a firm grounding in Literacy and Numeracy.

S1 and S2

In S1 and S2, our curriculum is broad and varied, providing excellent academic foundations for later study of certificate subjects. The pupils are offered Business, Engineering and discrete Science courses as well as Social Subjects, Music, Art, PE, Maths, RE and Languages. This strategy allows the individual a variety of educational experiences and encourages them to think beyond the more traditional academic routes.


In S3 and S4, most young people work towards SQA National 5 examinations studying a wide range of eight or nine National Courses. Mathematics, English, Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (RMPS) and core PE are compulsory subjects at this stage. Pupils choose their other subjects from a variety of options. Supported Study classes are provided in all subjects as necessary.

The final stage in the Hamilton College journey, being S5/6, is essential preparation for Higher Education and the world of employment and career development, as young people study for a broad framework of SQA Higher and Advanced Higher. In S5/6, pupils learn to take personal responsibility and interest in their own progression, to think for themselves, and to develop independent learning.


We always have a strong showing in exams, achieving extremely high percentage pass rates. Perhaps more important than the results alone is the knowledge that the individual has been encouraged to achieve the best results for their abilities in areas of learning that highlight their gifts and talents.

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