Policies About Us

In order to ensure safety for everyone involved with Hamilton College, we have a selection of policies which we adhere to and ask our staff, pupils and parents to also follow. All other policies can be found on the school portal under School Information.

We also have a Privacy Policy page where more information can be found.

Hamilton College Policies

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Car Park Code of Conduct - Uploaded 2022

Fire Evacuation Policy - Uploaded 2022

Accessibility Policy - Updated 2021

Admission Policy - 2023

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy - October 2023

Food Policy - Updated February 2022


The school sees it as important to respond positively and openly to expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from parents or pupils. Any issue from staff which cannot be resolved by discussion and negotiation may be taken through existing channels, such as the Line Manager, the Staff Council or the grievance procedure, as per staff employment contracts and the staff handbook.

Please find a link to the Hamilton College Complaints and Procedures Policy - Review Date October 2022