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Established in 1995, our Nursery for 3-5 year olds, is an integral part of Hamilton College.

Froebelian in our approach to Early Learning and Childcare, the learning journey begins here in Nursery. Renowned educator Friedrich Froebel believed children should be respected as discerning learners and free to explore and develop their creative thinking skills. Froebel valued childhood and recognised the importance of positive relationships between children and their main caregivers. Our ethos reflects this and is built on trust and kindness.

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul”. Friedrich Froebel

In our work with the children in Nursery, we:

• provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment where children can become confident and independent individuals, developing the skills necessary for learning, life and work.

• provide play based learning opportunities which build on children’s interests and previous knowledge, responding to individual needs and learning styles.

• promote responsible citizenship by respecting property and encouraging children to form positive attitudes towards others whose gender, race, culture, faith and abilities may be different from their own.

• respect the rights and opinions of children ensuring they have opportunities to become effective contributors and play an active part in their learning and the life of the Nursery.

• work in partnership with parents and carers, respecting home life and recognising the vital contribution they make to a child’s development and learning.

• engage in collaborative work with other professionals to create an optimum learning environment and smooth transitions from Nursery to Junior School.

Our Facilities

The Nursery consists of two main playrooms with a variety of creative play-based resources to promote curiosity for learning and development.

Playroom 1:
• mark making area
• book corner
• maths area
• interactive whiteboard, computers, laptops and tablets
• construction area

Playroom 2:
• art and craft area
• junk modelling and collage
• sensory area (e.g. sand, water, malleable materials)
• imaginary play area
• small world play area
• musical instruments

Opening Hours and Pattern of Attendance

The Nursery is open from 8am - 5pm daily and operates on a term time basis in line with the rest of the school. The Nursery is closed on public holidays and inset days. The school calendar can be viewed here.

Children can attend for half or full day sessions. The Nursery operates a flexible system of attendance where parents can select sessions that fit around work and family life. There is a minimum amount of 3 sessions that children are expected to attend. Click here for more information about our Nursery fees.  


All staff in the Nursery are fully qualified and have extensive experience of working with children in the area of Early Learning and Childcare.   All staff participate in regular professional development training to improve skills, knowledge and enhance their awareness of change within the sector.


Our Nursery uniform consists of a polo shirt and fleece in school colours and are available for purchase from the school Uniform Department.

Transition to Junior School

The majority of children will progress from Nursery to Hamilton College Junior School; strong links are established, particularly during the second year of Nursery, to ensure a seamless transition to Junior 1.

For children moving into Junior School the transition is seamless and children adapt confidently within already familiar surroundings. The children take part in a range of transition activities including Active Start, Stay and Play sessions and outdoor learning with J1 children throughout the year. 

Nursery children wishing to attend Junior School are required to meet the entrance criteria. All children will be invited to attend an Experience and Assessment day in January. Successful applicants will be offered a place in Junior 1 by end of February.

At the end of the academic session a detailed transition record will be completed for your child. Parents and children will be provided with the opportunity to comment on this before it is passed to your child’s new teacher.

If your child is moving to another primary school we make contact with the school and work in partnership with their staff ensuring your child is supported throughout this important transition in their lives.