Former Pupils


“Hamilton College left me with fantastic grades, some amazing memories and lifelong friends”

Katie Cruickshank (Class of 2004)

As part of the school community our Former Pupils never really leave Hamilton College! We are happy to welcome Former Pupils back for informal visits, careers events, concerts and assemblies. If you are a Former Pupil and would like to get back in touch please click here.

Alumni Society  

HCFPs is the Hamilton College Former Pupil society. The society has been operating informally now for many years, however it was formally launched in 2015. We welcome all former pupils to join the society and take part in various school events. Please submit your details here to keep in touch with the HCFP community.

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Our bi-annual school magazine, In Touch also showcases the very best of Hamilton College news, events and achievements.


Former Pupil News

For those who have already joined HCFPs you will have received our Former Pupil newsletters. If you have not yet joined HCFPs, please click here to join

Here some Former Pupils tell us about their life after Hamilton College and reminisce about their time here. Click on any of the names to read their profile.

Vaneet Sood


Jasmine Chiswell


Alex Richards


Evangeline Downie


Benjamin Nolan


Grant Anderson


Share Your Special Memories

What are your special memories from your time at Hamilton College? We would be delighted if you would send them to us and tell us about your special memories This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..