Junior School Annual Fees

Junior School Annual Fees

Annual Tuition Fees as From August 2017

The school charges annual fees* which, for parents’ convenience, are divided into three equal termly instalments as follows:

Year Tuition Fees Per Term Meals Per Term IT/Textbooks Levy Per Term SQA Levy Per Term Capital Projects Levy Per Term
J1 to J3 £2,545 £180 £75 - £35
J4 to J7 £2,935 £205 £75 - £35

*Fees are accepted in Sterling only.

Fees can be paid by credit card via our Parent Portal.

Please click here to download our Refund Policy.

Reductions in Tuition Fees

For a second child from one family the tuition fees are reduced by 10%.
For a third child from one family the tuition fees are reduced by 20%.
For a fourth child from one family the tuition fees are reduced by 40%.
Full-time Christian workers receive a 25% reduction of tuition fees.


A £10 levy is charged each term and the accumulated levy is repaid in full when the pupil has completed the Senior School course at Higher stage. It is not normally otherwise returned. The purpose of the levy is to discourage the premature abandonment of the course.

Payment of Fees by Direct Debit

Fees are paid by monthly Direct Debit instalments.  View monthly payment schedule.  Click here to download the Direct Debate Mandate for completion.

Please note that the fees are calculated on an annual basis. No deduction will be made for pupils leaving after the SQA examinations.

The tuition fees cover all subjects except musical instrument tuition. Also covered are all external examination fees and most extra-curricular activities.

For pupils using school transport this will be itemised separately in the fees account. A schedule of bus routes and prices is available to view here.

Parents are also asked to note that in accepting a place for their child and signing the contract they undertake to give one term’s notice in writing to the Principal if they wish to withdraw their child from school or pay one term’s fees in lieu.

Financial Assistance

The Board of Governors offers financial assistance to families through a Bursary Scheme which will allow pupils with potential to experience the distinctive, caring Christian ethos of the College. The Bursary will be in the form of a fees concession of up to 100% to successful candidates.

For further details please download: 

Bursary Information for Parents
The Bursary Criteria
Bursary Application Form

Should you require any further information or assistance please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. our Business Manager or call her on 01698 282700.