Senior School Wider Curricular Activities

Wider Curricular Activities

Pupils are encouraged to take part in the wide range of wider-curricular activities on offer. From lessons in the onsite swimming pool to individual tuition in a variety of musical instruments, joining the film club, the chess club or one of the many sports teams using on-site pitches and a host of other clubs, there is something for everyone. Many pupils have enjoyed success at a national level in their chosen activities.

Click here to download the Senior School Wider Curricular Activities and get an insight into the various activities on offer.

*Please note that activities on offer are subject to change.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Hamilton College also offers the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Participation levels have been tremendous and we now offer the programme at Bronze in S3, at Silver in S4, and Gold in S5 and S6.

Staff and pupils bring a wealth of assistance and enthusiasm to the development of the Award, which provides participants with excellent personal development opportunities that fit well with our school ethos. All sessions, except for canoeing, take place at school.

For further information on the Award see


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