Big Learning for 3-5 Year Olds

Our Day in Nursery

Children are immersed in play-based learning, moving freely between rooms.  This encourages children to explore, develop interests and become independent learners,  We come together during the day for welcome time, stories, songs and focused learning relating to the children's current interests.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is integral to our approach to learning and development and takes place every day in our large, enclosed garden area.  This purpose built, outdoor learning space is equipped with a mud kitchen, large sandpit, bikes and scooters.  The outdoor area is also resourced with natural materials such as wooden decking, crates and tyres. We have also recently added an 'Outdoor Curriculum Cabin' in our outdoor area. Children are encouraged to think creatively, develop their problem solving skills and improve their ability to assess risk in the environment.

Library Visits

The children visit the school library each week.  During their visit children are able to browse and choose a book to take home.  They also enjoy storytelling with the school Librarian and spend time discussing their stories.


The children participate in a weekly music and movement session with our specialist music teacher in the Junior School music room.

Physical Education (PE)

The children enjoy a weekly PE session with our specialist PE teacher.  This session takes place in our well-equipped school games hall, extends the children's gross motor skills and encourages cooperation and teamwork.


The children attend a gymnastics session each week which is delivered by a fully qualified coach from Hamilton Gymnastics Club.  The children are encouraged to take risks using the approved professional equipment.


A weekly French lesson in delivered by a Junior School modern language specialist and is supported by the Nursery staff by conversing with the children in informal ways throughout the week.

Speech and Drama

During our weekly Speech and drama class, the children develop self-confidence, self-discipline and creativity.  They learn to project their voice, portray various characters and perform in front of their peers, in a fun and relaxing environment.

Junior School Assembly

The Nursery children join the Junior School pupils each week for assemblies.  For assemblies we gather together as a school community to promote positive behaviour, develop and understand our Christian ethos, and celebrate achievements.