UCAS Application Guide

Pupils prepare for UCAS applications in June of S5 after the Higher examination diet. In lifeskills pupils are taken through how to write a personal statement. A guide on how to support your son/daughter with their personal statement can be found here. UCAS have designed a new toolkit for personal statements click here to use this tool.

After the summer, all UCAS applicants are assigned a referee.  This will be a member of the pupil support staff or SLT.  Each pupil will meet with their referee to get one-to-one support with completing their application, choosing courses and overseeing their personal statement.  Teachers of the pupils will complete a short reference and pass this to the referee who will bring these together and complete the final reference.

Pupils can choose up to 5 university courses to study on their UCAS form. The careers adviser, pupil support guidance staff and SLT are on hand to meet with pupils and support them with this.  Universities offer Open Days to help pupils decide.  All Open Days are published here.

  Timeline for S6 Timeline for S5
Three lessons on writing a personal statement Jun 2019 Oct 2019
Meeting with referee to complete the form Aug – Oct 2019 Oct – Dec 2019
Early deadline for Oxbridge, medicine etc  15 Oct 2019  N/A
Hamilton College Deadline for UCAS forms 10 Nov 2019 18 Dec 2019
UCAS deadline 15 Jan 2020  15 Jan 2020

Offers are made anytime from August until March. Some universities will make offers when they receive application forms, so the earlier the application is submitted the better.  There are others that wait until February/March before they give any offers; this is the case with Strathclyde Business School. Pupils can track their application once submitted using their UCAS login.  To find out more click here.

Some courses will require pupils to go for an interview.  Read more about this process here.

When a pupil receives all their offers, they should firmly accept one offer and another as an insurance offer.  These decisions do not need to be made until all universities have responded to the pupil.

In the event a pupil is rejected and has no offers, they can put in a sixth option.  This opens at the end of February and pupils should see the Vice Principal to support them with this. For more information on offers please click here.

For more information and toolkits, please visit https://www.ucas.com/undergraduate

Post Results Service

SQA Exam Results will be communicated in early August 2019.  These results are sent to the candidates via post and via text message (if the candidate has signed up for this service).

Under the Data Protection Act 2018, we cannot divulge results to anyone other than the candidate.  Therefore, SQA Examination results will only be communicated by the school to the candidate face to face or via their school email address. 


Results are not what candidates expected.

If there is concern about a candidate’s grade for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualifications, they can request a clerical check or marking review.


Who is eligible for the service?

Candidates are eligible if their final grade is based on materials marked by SQA.

The final decision on whether to submit a Post-results Services request lies with the Head Teacher or Principal. We ask that if a parent/candidate wishes to request a marking review then they complete an online form – links below.


What is a clerical check?

A clerical check makes sure that:

  • all parts of the materials have been marked
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly


What is a marking review?

A marking review makes sure that:

  • all parts of the materials have been marked
  • the marking is in line with the national standard
  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly
  • the correct result has been entered

A priority marking review can be requested if the candidate requires a result to secure a conditional place at university or college.  Please click here to complete form to request this service.

Click here to complete the form to request a non-urgent marking review.


When do requests have to be made by?

Priority marking review requests must be submitted by mid August 2019.

Marking review and clerical check requests must be submitted by the end of August 2019.


How and when are results issued?

Results for Post-results Services requests will be sent electronically to the school or college who submitted the request on the following dates:

  • end August 2019 – for priority marking review results
  • end September 2019 – for marking review and clerical check results

Results for priority marking reviews will also be sent to the university or college contact provided at the time of the request.

Any revised certificates will be posted to candidates at the end of November 2019.

Revised results will also be updated on MySQA at the end of November 2019.


UCAS and Clearing

A guide to UCAS clearing can be found here.