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Hamilton College Pupils Celebrate Record-Breaking 2019 Exam Results

Pupils at Hamilton College have achieved our best-ever results at National 5 level since the introduction of the exam in 2013.

The results for 2019 released by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) also reveal that at Higher level, 92.8% of results ranged from A to C, the second-highest in the past six years at Hamilton College.

Among the Advanced Highers, 91% of the grades awarded ranged from A to C, while 82% were either A or B. Every pupil sitting Advanced Higher Music received an A grade.

One pupil achieved a remarkable three Advanced Higher A grades.

At Higher level, a total of 140 A grades were awarded. Among those sitting German, Latin, Music and Modern Studies, all passed with either an A or B.

Every Hamilton College student sitting Higher Computing passed with at least a C, with three-quarters receiving an A grade. All sitting Chemistry passed with at least a B, with 92% receiving an A. 

In Higher French and Higher PE, 100% of results ranged from A to C. In Higher English, 94.5% of results were from A to C; in Mathematics, 92.3% were from A to C; and in STEM subjects, 92% were from A to C.

One pupil achieved an astonishing six Grade A Band 1 results at Higher level, while ten further pupils were awarded five Grade A results.

At National 5, 96.1% of all results ranged from A to C. More than two-thirds of the 2019 National results (70%) were A grades, up from 59% in 2018.

In English, 80% of Hamilton College’s National 5 pupils passed with an A, while 68% of the results in Mathematics were an A. The vast majority in Music (91%), German (88%) and Physics (70%) were also A grades.

Ten subjects at National 5 level received 100% A to C awards: Art, Admin & IT, Computing, English, Engineering Science, German, Latin, Maths, Music and Physics.

Fourteen pupils received eight Grade A results at National 5, while two further pupils were awarded nine Grade A results. In total, one-third of the college’s National 5 pupils received at least eight A grades.

Principal at Hamilton College in August 2019, Tom McPhail said there are many tales of individual effort and success within the overall figures. 

“Achieving these kinds of results requires a tremendous amount of commitment from our staff, the pupils and their families, who all work together to build the best possible foundations for our young people,” he said.

“These fantastic results are tangible evidence of how Hamilton College adds value to the educational experience. In addition to these high academic standards, there are an array of sporting, creative and spiritual opportunities at Hamilton College to develop the ‘whole person’ to their fullest potential.”

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Full breakdown to follow. 


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