Nursery Activities

Nursery Activities

In addition to the indoor play rooms and outdoor play area, our Nursery children use many of the School's facilities including the sports halls, gymnasia, music room, dining hall, School playgrounds and library.  Children also have the option to participate in Swimming lessons and Speech and Drama lessons.

Swimming Lessons

Qualified swimming instructors from Making Waves, Scotland's largest independent swimming school, hold weekly Swimming lessons in the school’s 25m indoor heated swimming pool. The lessons are part of an innovative programme that teaches children how to swim with confidence.  Parents can accompany their children to lessons which are booked per-term directly with the swimming instructors. 

“The swimming lessons have given my daughter more confidence, she enjoys swimming with her friends which makes learning to swim fun.” (Current Parent)

Speech and Drama Lessons 

Every week during term time, Mrs Elizabeth Lannigan visits the Nursery to provide Speech and Drama lessons. The lessons are beneficial to children as they develop their communication and presentation skills and improve their confidence and diction in a fun way.  During the classes children work together on fun rhymes, stories and poems which they take home to practice in order to perform them the following week. Many children who start speech and drama lessons in Nursery will continue them into Junior and Senior School and have the option to gain qualifications as they progress.

“My son loves his Drama lessons! He can’t wait to tell us what he’s learnt each week.” 
(Current Parent)

These activities are booked and paid for directly with the instructors. Our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with booking lessons for your child.. The activities are pre-booked for one term and we recommend you book in advance as the lessons are popular.


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