Friends of Hamilton College

Friends of Hamilton College is an association of parents, staff and friends who have a shared interest in the active support of Hamilton College.

What do we do?

Focus on our common interests.

Represent parents' views to the Senior Leadership team and Board of Governors on issues of concern to parents and pupils.

Improve links between parents and the school, encourage parents to be involved with the Friends, create social occasions within the school community, report back to parents on our work.

Educate - support academic excellence and our children's all-round development through promoting parental involvement in our children's learning.

Network and connect the school and parents effectively to ensure that information is available when needed and that the Senior Leadership team and Board of Governors get feedback on parents' views.

Discuss and advise the school on issues of interest to parents, such as school policies in areas like bullying, sexual health and relationships, education, homework and school uniform.

Support the school on a wide range of issues such as school improvement visits and the recruitment of senior staff.

Our Meetings

We meet as a whole group approx. 4 times a year in the school and are joined at each meeting by Principal, Mr McPhail and members of the Senior Leadership Team.  Our forthcoming meetings will be held on the following dates.  Please feel free to join us at any point during the meetings.  

  • Mon 06 November at 1900hrs

Contact Us

We welcome all those interested to join us and if you would like to contact us we can be reached directly by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or through the school office.

Alternatively, please feel free to approach the following Friends:

Convener : Margaret Rutherford and Susanna Tait 
Treasurer : Francesca Aaen
Parent Representative to the Board of Governors : Wendy Hay 
Meeting Notetaker : Judith Ford
Action Log Notetaker : Caroline Harnett 
Marketing Liaison : Cath Rolleston